Extension and refurbishment of the house in the suburbs – 2021

This redesign was to profoundly transform a one-story house built in 2002, located in a suburban neighbourhood of dense single-family housing. A building with a sculpted form and characteristic postmodern facade, richly decorated with arches, cornices, glass bricks and metalwork. Although technically still in good condition, it ceased to meet the owners expectations, and required stylistic and functional improvements. The main requirements of the project were the extension of the fitness pavilion, a significant change in form, and better integration with the surrounding garden. The living area was redesigned to be fully glazed, with the patio providing a path to the fitness wing, which from the garden, changed the aspect of the house to be more horizontal and open. The interior became more open to the light and greenery, while the spatial wooden platform now offers a serene garden living area. From the street, with a solid fence in the foreground, the composition of dark planes creates the perception of impenetrability. The transformation of the house is a great example of altering an existing building to the changing needs and preferences of its occupants. The reformulation of the functional layout, the expansion of the internal space, and change in style, have all provided the building a completely new architectural expression.


Location: Greater Poland / Floor area: 222 m²

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